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Lecom is a company located in Sant Fruitos del Bages (Barcelona) dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of machines.
We manufacture parts and machinery for multiple companies from very different sectors.

At an international level we distinguish ourselves as one of the few European companies dedicated to the mechanization of Durostone®

Durostone® materials are fiberglass composite materials and resin. Developed for the manufacture of support frames for Welding (PCB Solder Pallet) for use on the SMT (Surface Mount Technology), reflow systems and wave soldering processes.

Lecom specializes in designing and manufacturing Durostone® material. Years of experience have allowed us to have a great knowledge and ability to mechanize this material, contributing our quality to a very specific product with high added value.
Lecom is one of the few companies specializing in durostone machining.

If you want to receive more information or to contact us you can send us a message through the web or by email.